Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is an excellent alternative to traditional ground loop or utility installation methods.

Unlike trenching or excavation, the HDD process is suitable in places where above ground obstructions exist that are expensive, inconvenient or impossible to disturb for product installation. HDD machines install these utilities under obstacles such as roads, driveways, rivers, trees, septic systems or buildings – with little or no impact to the surface.

HDD creates a tunnel underground beneath the obstacle, through which pipe or cable can then be pulled, reducing disruption at a site.

Our experience allows us to do HDD safely and properly, often in close proximity to other buried utilities.

Buchanan & Hall has been using our directional drill to install geothermal pipes, water lines and electrical services since 2009. Our drill minimizes the disruption to lawns and landscaping and allows many home owners who were previously unable, due to obstacles, to install a geothermal ground loop.

If you have a question about how our HDD process works or have a project that you’d like us to quote, feel free to contact us about it.

This is what a typical geothermal ground loop layout would look like if installed by our Horizontal Directional Drill.