Buchanan & Hall designs, builds, installs and services almost any type of Refrigeration, Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems. We are the preferred choice in these fields because of our dynamic mix of skills and experience.

We offer all-inclusive HVAC, Refrigeration & Dairy system installations from concept to commissioning.

Buchanan & Hall has you covered with our in-house work force comprised of licensed mechanics in refrigeration, electrical, sheet metal, and gas fitting. We also operate a 24-hour Emergency Service department that is ready to support Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Residential customers anywhere in Southern Ontario.

Our customers range from small business, supermarkets, dairy farms, warehousing, process plants, research facilities, manufacturing plants, food service, and cold storage facilities. Buchanan & Hall has the experience to help you with your heating, cooling, climate control or ventilation needs.

Refrigeration Products

Buchanan & Hall deals with pretty much all things refrigeration.

We take care of new installations, design, service, and maintenance. Bulk Milk Coolers, Walk-In Coolers, Walk-In Freezers, Reach-In Coolers, Reach-In Freezers, Blast Freezers, Merchandise Coolers, Step-In Coolers, Unit Coolers, Chillers, Dehumidifiers, Evaporators, Condensing Units, Rack Systems, Cold Storage… You name it.

Here’s a small sample of Refrigeration Products we deal with.


Mueller manufactures high quality stainless steel equipment for a wide variety of applications, including dairy, brewing, food services and industrial.

Dairy Farm Equipment
Bulk Milk Cooler Tanks
Milk Cooler Refrigeration Units
Milk Cooler Control Panels
Mueller Fre-Heater® Heat Recovery

Brewery Solutions
Fermenters & Tanks

Refrigeration Products
Falling Film Chillers
Batch Chillers
Packaged Chillers
Heat Exchangers
Heat Recovery
Air Cooled Condensing Units

Heat Exchangers Products
Plate Heat Exchangers & Transfer Surfaces

KeepRite Refrigeration

KeepRite Refrigeration

KeepRite stands for reliable, trouble-free operation in an extensive line of quality products backed up with advanced design features.

Click on the links below to find out more about the KeepRite products we offer.

Condensing Units
Free Standing Coils
Other Refrigeration Products

HABCO Beverage Systems Inc.

HABCO Beverage Systems Inc.

HABCO units feature modular refrigeration making them the most maintenance and service friendly systems in the business.

Click on the links below to find out more about the HABCO products we offer.

Cold Space Merchandisers® 
3 cu.ft. – 46 cu.ft. Merchandise Refrigerators
Reach-In Freezers & Refrigerators
Glass & Stainless Door Refrigerators and Freezers

Canadian Curtis Refrigeration Inc.

Canadian Curtis Refrigeration Inc.

Curtis is a manufacturer of highly customized, high quality refrigeration products, primarily for the food service industry.

Click on the links below to find out more about the Curtis products we offer.

Reach-In Coolers
Hinged Glass Door, Sliding Glass Door, Pass Thru, Roll Thru
Walk-In Coolers

Insulated Building Panels

Insulated Building Panels

An insulated metal building panel is composed of an insulated core material typically polyisocyanurate foamed in place between two metal pre-coated skins utilizing an interlocking joint for a weather-tight system with a high r-value and superior airtightness.

Click on the links below to find out more about the Kingspan products we offer.

Commercial & Industrial
Commercial & Industrial Systems Information Brochure
Insulated Roof Panel Systems Brochure
Wall Systems
 | Roof Systems

Cold Storage
Interior Cold Storage Brochure
Wall Systems | Roof Systems

Benchmark Architectural Panels
Information Brochure

HVAC Products

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. Packaged Rooftop Units, Make Up Air Units, Air Handlers, Heat Pumps, Geothermal Systems, Radiant Heaters, Unit Heaters, Exhaust Fans, Ductless Splits, etc.


Packaged Outdoor Units

When you choose a York® packaged system, each self-contained unit is installed outdoors, saving you a substantial amount of indoor space. And no matter where you are, there´s a York® Packaged Unit designed to deliver exceptional comfort in your unique climate. This innovative lineup includes gas and electric heat models and heat pumps, each with advanced motor technology and optional two-stage heating and cooling for quiet, efficient performance year after year.

York Latitude® Packaged A/C  – 2 to 5 Tons (13 SEER)
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York AffinityTM DNX / DNQ / DNY / DNZ Packaged Units – Single & Dual Stage Gas Heating & Electric Cooling
York AffinityTM BHX / BHQ / BHZ Packaged Units – Single and Dual Stage Packaged Heat Pumps
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York Predator® XP / ZJ / ZF/ ZH Packaged Units – 3 to 12.5 Ton Dual Stage Units
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York Predator® MagnaDRYTM Packaged Units – 3 to 12. 5 Ton Dual Stage Units w/ Dehumidification
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York Z Millennium Packaged Units – 25 to 40 Ton Units
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HVAC Chillers & Systems

Today, there are many factors involved in creating the structures in which we live, work, visit and play. From shrinking your facility´s carbon footprint, to delivering a healthier indoor environment, to cuttingenergy costs — we help you respond with the widest chiller solution portfolio in the world from York & Johnson Controls. They´re creating smaller, more energy-efficient chiller systems tailored to fit practically any comfort and process cooling application — even heating. You´ll also find a deep understanding of environmental regulations, energy performance, and green-building-certification issues. As challenges arise for greater energy efficiency and more sustainable chillers, you can count on us to meet your needs in any corner of the globe. With chiller solutions from York & Johnson Controls, building efficiency for the future begins today.

York Air-Cooled Chiller Products
York Water-Cooled Chiller Products

Used Equipment

Buchanan & Hall has a selection of used refrigeration and HVAC equipment.
We will soon have a section on our web site devoted to this. Check back soon for updates.

For the time being, contact our office at (519) 271-4793 for any inquiries.