Most contractors have been using the same ground loop pumps for the past 25 years. However, every year geothermal heat pumps are becoming more efficient.

Does this matter?

Can ground loop pumps really affect the overall efficiency of your geothermal system?

Yes. New variable speed ground loop pumps can improve system efficiency by up to 20%!

The example chart below shows how significant the impact can be. Like the efficiencies gained by adding an ECM fan motor to a furnace, a variable speed circulating pump adds an ECM pump to the ground loop circuit for increased system efficiency.

Ground Loop Pump Cost Comparison

2 x UP26-116 Pumps ($300/yr)
2 x UP26-99 Pumps ($180/yr)
Variable Speed Pump ($40/yr)

* Rough pump costs for a 4 ton two-stage geothermal closed loop system. Based on 4,145 run hours per year and $0.12/kWh.

Payback vs. traditional flow center pumps is almost always just a few years.

Buchanan & Hall installs Geo-Flo Grundfos Magna GEO flow centers. These highly efficient flow centers provide long term savings to any geothermal installation.

Plus, with Geo-Flo’s Grundfos UPC-GEO controller, our technicians gain a significant amount of data, providing quick startup and troubleshooting.

When equipped with a flow sensor, the controller displays Entering Water Temperature (EWT), Leaving Water Temperature (LWT), flow rate in U.S. GPM, temperature difference, Heat of Extraction/Rejection, pump Watts, heat pump stage, and fault codes.

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